BBC Proms Brand Gets A Redesign To Attract Younger Viewers


Coinciding with BBC’s 90th anniversary, BBC Creative has redesigned the Prom logo for the attraction of a new audience to the classic music festival: a younger audience.


BBC Creative’s in-house design team and London-based studio Ink & Giants worked together on the new branding to appeal to the more culturally curious younger audiences.

Laurent Simon, BBC Creative executive director said, “It [music] can profoundly affect the listener’s mood and their perspective on the world around them.”


Bringing the Royal Albert Hall to life, the 2017 edition of the music festival incorporates whimsical and animated elements to give a touch of magic with the new identity of the brand.

The animated TV titles show the interiors of the famous Royal Albert Hall, which breathes life into it anew. Acoustic diffusers that was seen around the venue is transformed into captivating and elegant jellyfish floating about effortlessly across the ceiling


The new BBC Proms branding will be fully incorporated across TV, radio, print and digitally. Hopefully, with a new audience, it’ll add touch of magic to everyone watching it.


[via Design Week]

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