How PANTONE Makes New Colors That Constantly Capture People’s Interest


The authoritative figure of colour, Pantone is the company responsible for wonderfully coloured homes and colour palate is loved and used by many marketers. Even their branding is admired, having consumers go the extra mile to purchase their mugs, watches and more.

Their booklets of colour chips are used on a daily basis by many designers to create logos, clothes, products, etc. Even a Pantone Cafe popped up (quite literally as it was a pop-up cafe) and invites customers to, “taste the colours.” Everything from plates to cutlery and napkins are brightly coloured and labelled with the Pantone colour codes.


The factory has a ton of printers running and splashing out colours on paper where it is quality checked not only by the human eye – but under bright, white lights, a special color-spectrum-measuring device.


Still producing colours every year, Pantone’s secret is that it takes years to come up with a colour. Add a little consistency and passion and the colour evolves.


[via Mental Floss]
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