Is It Time To Redesign Your Logo?


Your logo is a huge part of your business identity and it’s one of the first things people will come across with your company other than your brand name.

However, times change, people change and businesses change. Sometimes you need to refresh your logo and other times you need a fresh start.

“These days, logos appear on ever tinier screens, and when viewed on these small screens, complexity can be problematic.”

Your logo could be too complicated. Logos with too much detail do not look well digitally and distract from the brand too much. Minimalistic and simplicity is the trend at the moment. Taking a look at the 20th Century Logo at the top, it was much too complex for translation onto smaller screens. So, they redesigned it to incorporate screen size as well as embracing the 21st century. And behold, a breathtaking simple logo was born.

Your company may have outgrown it’s logo. All companies grow and evolve over time and with that change, your logo may no longer represent your company to the best of it’s ability.

With change, sometimes new products and services are introduced and perhaps a logo change would better represent them and the new direction your business is taking. Or perhaps a merge requires a new design.

Often, as trends go in and out of style, your logo may just need a bit of redesigning to stay away from being outdated. It doesn’t mean you have to update your logo to fit every new trend

“Google is known for updating their logo regularly, while still staying true to their original brand identity.”

While it is a risk, and we become attached to our logos, it is important to stay relevant and fresh in the market today. You should evaluate your company’s logo at various stages of development and if you do decide on a change, ensure your business and culture is in tune with your new logo.

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