Sneaking Ketchup in “Chicago Dog Sauce” Into A City That Hates Ketchup On Hotdogs


In America you get the city that never sleeps. But you also get the city that never eats… ketchup on their hotdogs. A strange unsaid rule to the population of Chicago, the residents prefer a mix of mustard, pickle relish, onions and other chopped condiments onto their ‘dogs.




So Heinz got a little sneaky and had a brilliant branding idea…

Chicago Dog Sauce, with its “delicious red ripe tomatoes and special blend of spices and flavorings,” is really just regular old Heinz ketchup.





The trickery! The horror! The creativity!

The windy-city residents who tried the “new” Chicago dog sauce enjoyed it and when the realisation of it really being ketchup came out, they were at first, confused and then their F-bomb laced words popped out.




Heinz is hoping to convince residents that ketchup isn’t so bad. “Chicago Dog Sauce” is on sale for a limited time.

Check out the full ad below:

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[via AdWeek, video and images via Heinz]
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