Social Media Marketing Laws


Social Media Marketing can elevate your business above your competition when done right and do some serious harm to your business when done wrong.

Knowing the fundamentals of marketing could seriously help your customers, brand and overall foundation of your reputation.

With everyone on social media these days, it’s a great way to advertise your business and get your name out there. Millions of consumers can now follow you, like your page or comment on your YouTube channel. While social media continues to grow and develop, it’s important that your business evolves along with it – here are ten laws to follow to really get the best of social media marketing.

Law 1 – Listening

Following and researching what your target market finds important and worth discussing is a vital step in marketing on social media. Once you’ve found what will create a spark, you can create content and conversations that will attract them, adding value instead of clutter to their everyday lives.


Law 2 – Focus

Don’t be broad ranged – be a focused and specialised company. A specific and focused marketing strategy is more likely to create a strong brand and has a better chance of success than other strategies attempting to bring all sorts of things together.


Law 3 – Quality

Ensure the quality of your marketing beats the quantity – people are more likely to read something that has meaning or a powerful message once and remember that than just a price advertisement a thousand times which they won’t have a second thought about later.

It’s much better to have online connections that read, understand, talk and share your work than more connections that disappear after the first contact.


Law 4 – Patience

While it’s easy to wish success overnight, marketing strategies take time to implement and work out. Dedication and patience in the long run always gives back in the end.


Law 5 – Compounding

Contributing quality content that people are interested in and are wiling to talk about could lead followers that share it on their social media sites or personal blogs which creates more entry points for search engines to find your content. This creates a form of advertising that grows and helps distribute your name and brand out into the world.


Law 6 – Influence

Find influencers who have an audience and would be interested in your products and services. Build relationships with them and they may share your content with their followers, which would help you and your business gain a whole range of new audiences.

A lot of clothing companies look for top Instagram influencers to promote their products – their followers see them and generally want the same items to look like them, or because they enjoy their style.


Law 7 – Value

Focus less on conversions and directly promoting your business because people are generally not interested in that unless they need it. Focus more on quality content that people will share and talk about. These develop relationships with influencers and consumers and generate a powerful word of mouth form of marketing for your company.


Law 8 – Acknowledgement

Acknowledge every person who reaches out to you or your business. A lot of companies are praised for how quickly and how often they reply. Facebook pages of business have a little description under their name that usually says something like, “Generally replies very fast.” Consumers want more of a personal feel or an emotional feel from your business – cold-hearted, uninterested companies don’t generally go well with people.


Law 9 – Accessibility

Continuously and constantly socialise with your audience, publish content and create conversation topics. Businesses who stop participating lose customers. They are either forgotten, assumed they do not exist anymore or seem uncaring. Consumers can be choosy online and will easily follow a competitor who posts more.


Law 10 – Reciprocity

If you except someone to share your content, they will expect the same from you in return. Some of your time on social media should be sharing and talking about content of others.


Follow these rules and your social marketing strategy will be much more efficient, reliable and durable. Just remember that while social media marketing can be helpful, consumers can take it the wrong way – read our article on Big Brans Benefitting From Social Issues – Is It Wrong Or Just Business?


[via Entrepreneur, opening image from istockphoto]
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