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How PANTONE Makes New Colors That Constantly Capture People’s Interest


The authoritative figure of colour, Pantone is the company responsible for wonderfully coloured homes and colour palate is loved and used by many marketers. Even their branding is admired, having consumers go the extra mile to purchase their mugs, watches and more. Their booklets of colour chips are used on a daily basis by many […]

IBM’s New iX Logo


To showcase the company’s trend of experimental typography, IBM iX’s new geometric logo has been revealed. Designed with design studio, CATK and creative company, Moving Brands, IBM iX (the design and consulting department of IBM) Created by Paul Rand, he states, “logos live and die depending on what they’re representing.” With the original IBM logo […]

A Neon Ad From Absolut Enlightens Us On LGBT Discrimination


The past couple of years have seen many strides in the LGBTQ community – such as same-sex marriages in many countries as well as a lot less judgment and fear over coming out to others. In democratic and autocratic nations, people of the LGBTQ community still live in fear across the world despite all the […]

Negative Space Design Examples That Are Breathtaking


Negative space design is a creative and breathtaking view on design and advertising. FedEx Winning a ton of awards, this design is still rated as one of the best uses of negative space by incorporating an arrow in between the “d” of “Fed” and the “E” of “Ex.”   2. Fiat A campaign of Fiat, […]

Top 10 Books On Branding: Infographic

What makes a brand so well known that a symbol of them or a very short description on their logo is instantly recognised by the world. I say red can and Coca-Cola comes to your mind. Multi-coloured letters and Google inn’t far behind. So what makes the white apple or the white tick mark so […]

Artistic Takeout Packaging Too Beautiful To Throw Out


Normally with our fast food packaging, we throw it out as soon as we can, not wasting a second thought on it and most of us not even reading the packaging or glancing at it twice. Companies don’t bother spending much on the design of their packaging because the consumer lives in a throw-away type […]

Redesign of Coke-Zero for Coca-Cola Zero Sugar


The Coca-Cola company that just about everyone loves for it’s refreshing taste is giving Coke-Zero a makeover. Having a real Coca-Cola taste with no sugar or calories, it has been given a new name, look and a better taste. The refreshed brand will have a new look, to show everyone there is a Coke taste […]

Is It Time To Redesign Your Logo?


Your logo is a huge part of your business identity and it’s one of the first things people will come across with your company other than your brand name. However, times change, people change and businesses change. Sometimes you need to refresh your logo and other times you need a fresh start. “These days, logos […]

Want Some Logo Inspiration? Look At These Instagram Accounts


Instagram is full of inspirational artists from typographers to designers; illustrators to photographers and so much more. All artists go through “writers block” (or the equivalent) and some just need some inspiration to help evolve their ideas and get them motivated again. These Instagram accounts will give you a fresh scoop of creativity. Check out […]

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