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BBC Proms Brand Gets A Redesign To Attract Younger Viewers


Coinciding with BBC’s 90th anniversary, BBC Creative has redesigned the Prom logo for the attraction of a new audience to the classic music festival: a younger audience. BBC Creative’s in-house design team and London-based studio Ink & Giants worked together on the new branding to appeal to the more culturally curious younger audiences. Laurent Simon, […]

A Look At The Striding Man Logo From Johnnie Walker


A logo that has been a part of the brand for over a century, the Striding Man was first created by Tom Browne in 1820. This iconic logo has been often edited and refined by many designers, cartoonists and illustrators over the years. If you have spent an evening with this guy, the amber hues […]

Sneaking Ketchup in “Chicago Dog Sauce” Into A City That Hates Ketchup On Hotdogs


In America you get the city that never sleeps. But you also get the city that never eats… ketchup on their hotdogs. A strange unsaid rule to the population of Chicago, the residents prefer a mix of mustard, pickle relish, onions and other chopped condiments onto their ‘dogs.     So Heinz got a little […]

Upcoming IKEA And Hay Unveiling Collection Collaboration


Set to be launched in October 2017, Swedish company, Ikea and Danish design company Hay have been in collaboration on a combined collection for about a year now. Unveiling a teaser of images with fabrics, materials, shapes and the beautiful aesthetic of their collaboration, and named it “Ypperlig.” This is Swedish for “excellent.” This gorgeous […]

Similar Logo Clashes – MLB versus ‘Overwatch’ Esports League


All companies are protective over their logos and currently, Major league Baseball is butting heads with Overwatch League because of their logo. Blizzard Entertainment, just after submission for approval for their Overwatch League logo trademark, Major League Baseball (MLB) submitted a request for a ninety day extension to oppose the trademark. Within the next ninety days, […]

Harley Quinn’s 25th Anniversary Photo


The unpredictable character recently got a new logo for the 25th anniversary special and they really managed to capture the essence of the comic book character’s personality. A big explosion unveils the logo and Quinn sure would approve. DC Comics would make her proud with events planned for Harley’s big 25 at San Diego Comic Con, […]

Lego Logo Evolution


Just about every generation remembers playing with leo when they were a kid – and who knows, maybe some still do. With such a long standing company, they would have had to change their logo over the years to appeal to people with new trends, a fresh look or more. Lego was founded in Billund, […]

Big Brands Benefitting From Social Issues – Is It Wrong or Just Business?


McDonald’s, Pepsi, Heineken and Dove have all got into trouble recently for combining social issues with a sale message. First, Pepsi had a heavily criticised add using a celebrity (Kendall Jenner), ditching a photoshoot to participate in a street protest. It ends in cheer and celebration as she hands an officer a cold can of […]

Social Media Marketing Laws


Social Media Marketing can elevate your business above your competition when done right and do some serious harm to your business when done wrong. Knowing the fundamentals of marketing could seriously help your customers, brand and overall foundation of your reputation. With everyone on social media these days, it’s a great way to advertise your […]

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