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Marketing Trends To Keep Your Strategy On Top


Society changes over time and what may have been interesting and popular a month ago may be old news today. For businesses, it’s important to stay ahead and keep track of all the marketing trends to stay fresh and up to date with the general consumer population. Trends can come and go as they please. […]

New Striking Firefox Logo


Having various logo updates over the years, it’s a good thing to keep your business fresh and redesigning the logo could be great for a whole number of reasons. It’s a good thing to re-evaultate your logo when your business grows, merges, different goals and direction is shown or just to keep fresh in the […]

Create Your Own Website By Combining All Your Social Media Accounts


‘Emaze’ is a website that allows you to sync up all your social media accounts onto one personal website. Originally created for¬†aesthetically-pleasing presentations, it is now used as a personal blog and personal websites made in just a few seconds. By selecting a website template, ‘Emaze’ will add content from your social media accounts, still […]

Audi Illustrates How Phone Usage Edits Your Road Perception


Every day just in the United States, at least 9 people are killed every day due to distracted driving according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. A 2010 experiment with Car and Driver magazine editor Eddie Alterman, which took place at a deserted air strip, showed that texting while driving had a worse impact […]

Signage That Is Impossible To Miss


Signage made for branding, business identity and customer attraction sands out a lot more than route and direction signage. We are attracted to signage that holds a particular interest or task we need to do personally because we are constantly looking for relatable content. That and unique, quirky designs often stand out because they are […]

Minimal Grid-Based Logos That Stand Out


Minimal Design is still a chosen popular trend. And this artist makes it look gorgeous. Artwork design is important and there are many factors involved. One of these is proportion. To ensure the highest quality and even proportions, a technique called the ‘Grid System’ is used. Indian designer, Shibu PG reevaluated traditional design and produced […]

How PANTONE Makes New Colors That Constantly Capture People’s Interest


The authoritative figure of colour, Pantone is the company responsible for wonderfully coloured homes and colour palate is loved and used by many marketers. Even their branding is admired, having consumers go the extra mile to purchase their mugs, watches and more. Their booklets of colour chips are used on a daily basis by many […]

IBM’s New iX Logo


To showcase the company’s trend of experimental typography, IBM iX’s new geometric logo has been revealed. Designed with design studio, CATK and creative company, Moving Brands, IBM iX (the design and consulting department of IBM) Created by Paul Rand, he states, “logos live and die depending on what they’re representing.” With the original IBM logo […]

Negative Space Design Examples That Are Breathtaking


Negative space design is a creative and breathtaking view on design and advertising. FedEx Winning a ton of awards, this design is still rated as one of the best uses of negative space by incorporating an arrow in between the “d” of “Fed” and the “E” of “Ex.”   2. Fiat A campaign of Fiat, […]

Artistic Takeout Packaging Too Beautiful To Throw Out


Normally with our fast food packaging, we throw it out as soon as we can, not wasting a second thought on it and most of us not even reading the packaging or glancing at it twice. Companies don’t bother spending much on the design of their packaging because the consumer lives in a throw-away type […]

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