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Marketing Trends To Keep Your Strategy On Top


Society changes over time and what may have been interesting and popular a month ago may be old news today. For businesses, it’s important to stay ahead and keep track of all the marketing trends to stay fresh and up to date with the general consumer population. Trends can come and go as they please. […]

New Striking Firefox Logo


Having various logo updates over the years, it’s a good thing to keep your business fresh and redesigning the logo could be great for a whole number of reasons. It’s a good thing to re-evaultate your logo when your business grows, merges, different goals and direction is shown or just to keep fresh in the […]

Create Your Own Website By Combining All Your Social Media Accounts


‘Emaze’ is a website that allows you to sync up all your social media accounts onto one personal website. Originally created for aesthetically-pleasing presentations, it is now used as a personal blog and personal websites made in just a few seconds. By selecting a website template, ‘Emaze’ will add content from your social media accounts, still […]

The Effect On Your Brand Due To Colour Choice – Infographic


We were taught when we were young that colours are meant to make us feel certain emotions – red is for love or passion. Or danger. Blue is meant to be calming. Green is environmental or organic. In business, it is important to pick the right colour to associate with your business. Social media sites […]

Three Important Design Trends That Will Make Your Page Stand Out


If you’re thinking of a fresh start website or just some subtle improvements, Webdesigner Depot has put together a couple of examples that’s taking the design world by storm. Get excited for for slimmer typography options, more elaborate detailing and icon-style logos. These design projects might just convince you for a change. What’s “in” in […]

IBM’s New iX Logo


To showcase the company’s trend of experimental typography, IBM iX’s new geometric logo has been revealed. Designed with design studio, CATK and creative company, Moving Brands, IBM iX (the design and consulting department of IBM) Created by Paul Rand, he states, “logos live and die depending on what they’re representing.” With the original IBM logo […]

Redesign of Coke-Zero for Coca-Cola Zero Sugar


The Coca-Cola company that just about everyone loves for it’s refreshing taste is giving Coke-Zero a makeover. Having a real Coca-Cola taste with no sugar or calories, it has been given a new name, look and a better taste. The refreshed brand will have a new look, to show everyone there is a Coke taste […]

Harley Quinn’s 25th Anniversary Photo


The unpredictable character recently got a new logo for the 25th anniversary special and they really managed to capture the essence of the comic book character’s personality. A big explosion unveils the logo and Quinn sure would approve. DC Comics would make her proud with events planned for Harley’s big 25 at San Diego Comic Con, […]

Big Brands Benefitting From Social Issues – Is It Wrong or Just Business?


McDonald’s, Pepsi, Heineken and Dove have all got into trouble recently for combining social issues with a sale message. First, Pepsi had a heavily criticised add using a celebrity (Kendall Jenner), ditching a photoshoot to participate in a street protest. It ends in cheer and celebration as she hands an officer a cold can of […]

Social Media Marketing Laws


Social Media Marketing can elevate your business above your competition when done right and do some serious harm to your business when done wrong. Knowing the fundamentals of marketing could seriously help your customers, brand and overall foundation of your reputation. With everyone on social media these days, it’s a great way to advertise your […]

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