The Effect On Your Brand Due To Colour Choice – Infographic


We were taught when we were young that colours are meant to make us feel certain emotions – red is for love or passion. Or danger. Blue is meant to be calming. Green is environmental or organic. In business, it is important to pick the right colour to associate with your business.

Social media sites are often blue to promote a calming effect and is a social colour. It even boils down to product types – blue packets are for salt and vinegar flavour.

Using this, colour is an essential decision in any business – even if it feels silly. Colour not only attracts consumers but it tells them what they should feel about the product based on their previous experiences or products and what they associate with that colour. Gender preferences, existing use of colours and so much more impacts the association of colours.

Take a look at this infographic to help gain a strategic understanding of your target market, your position as a business, your business personality and what would be better for your business using these research facts:










Determine. Understand. Prosper.

[via Creative Bloq, images via Iconic Fox]
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