Three Important Design Trends That Will Make Your Page Stand Out


If you’re thinking of a fresh start website or just some subtle improvements, Webdesigner Depot has put together a couple of examples that’s taking the design world by storm.

Get excited for for slimmer typography options, more elaborate detailing and icon-style logos. These design projects might just convince you for a change.

What’s “in” in design lately:



The big plus about this is that you have a little more freedom with the design. Not recommended for the body copy, they are perfect with larger sizes when there is plenty of variation.

To create an impactful headline, thin typefaces in caps works best with a few words – as long as they’re not difficult to read.

A thin typeface with bold words creates a powerful yet elegant look, or one in colour or on top of a background creates visual emphasis.



To make elaborate typography and decorative elements look as simple and understated as possible, so that nothing takes away from the design, then choose this technique. Adding a lot of personality, these details are delightful and used to add to the overall effect. For the maximum effect, do not overuse these and ensure they are simple enough to understand and use.



Combining the use of an icon and a logo, these designs use minimal methods and are colorful or line-art inspired. Unfortunately these logos do not leave much space for the company name. Bold and versatile, they are useful online or in print. The best examples are with icon logos that are well-identified.


[via Webdesigner Depot]
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